Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Almost settled

OK so we are really getting settled and love Vincennes. We are all so busy, just how we like it. Caleb is on the swim team and in Boy Scouts, Mason is playing soccer and in Cub Scouts, Alayna is playing soccer, taking 3 dance classes and is in the daisy scouts. WE love the scout programs here, very active groups. Lukas and Noah are enjoying storytime at the Library. WE have joined the YMCA and are still looking for a Church we can call home. We have visited a few, but have yet to make a final decision.

All the decorating pieces are bought and hung, but the pictures. WE have put a swing set in the back yard. WE are happy to call this home. Mason and Alayna are going to the school around the corner and loving it. I have gotton to go on one field trip already and will go on another next week. I have gotton involved as well. I am a daisy leader, a scrip coordinator for the school, commitee member for scouts and an asst. cubmaster. Very busy but I love it. Rob is on some boards already and is a soccer coach. It is so great to be really immersed in a community again... YEAH VINCENNES!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

settling into Indiana

OK we have moved to Indiana and are getting settled.The kids are so excited. the back yard is huge and Alayna has her own room. The big boys are still sharing, but they have a much larger room and the the little boys are sharing with a good size room. Alayna's couch/bed came in yesterday. Her room is fairly small and we thought a bed would not allow her the space to play so we got her a little fold out couch... she loves it. Rob and I got new bedroom furniture as well... it is beautiful... Merlot they call it, a dark brown. the bedding is green and brown. we are just waiting for the Living room curtains and then we need to pick out a rug for the living room and we are good to go and I will post pictures:)

School started this week, it went OK we did the basics and hope to jump in more next week. We are going to discuss this week about the schools here since we moved, should we put them back in or continue to homeschool. Would like to find a Church and get the involved in their activities first.