Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Girl Scouts such a blessing

This year we have jumped in to so many activities with the kids. While it has been busy it has been fun as well! I got the joy of being Alayna's Daisy troop leader. It has been a blessing in so many ways. I Co-lead with an awesome lady Crystal! She has fast become one of my closest friends here in Vincennes. We work great together and continue to introduce each other to new thing... thus we now have 3 bunnies! And I will be taking her on her first outlet mall trip in about a week! God always knows exactly what I need and who to place along my journey. I have also gotten to get to know eight little girls pretty well and they are such a sweet group. So looking forward to getting to lead 6 of them again next year as brownies and will really miss 2 little girls who will still be daisys. It has been a fun year of crafts, games, field trips, service projects and cookie selling! I think Cookie selling the the best part for me. Doing booth sales I got to get to know the girls more one on one and they did an awesome job selling. We sold over 3500 boxes of cookies with just 9 girls! Two of them sold over 1100 and were regonized at a Gala 2 of 15 in our region to sell that many... we had to drive an hour to the gala if that tells you the size of our region! Can you tell I am proud of them! Our last meeting for the school year is in a couple weeks and I look forward to watching the older group bridge to Brownies and conitue to become great young women over the years to come!