Saturday, July 14, 2012

Loving Life

We have only been here in North Dakota since Feb. but feel that we have really settled in. We have a great place to live and are looking to buy in a couple years. The kids are settling into camps and scouts this summer and I have started by own business in home day care. I have been watching kids at home for a couple month now and am really liking it. I am currently watching 7 different at different times most are part time. It has really given us the freedom to take a couple vacations this coming year and be better prepared when life throws us for a loop, like the van needing a new transmission. I feel we are really putting down roots here... I love God's plan for our life. For the first time I am not searching for the next distant adventure. Being content is life is amazing! Looking forward to getting through this week and starting our vacations! This weekend we are heading to St. Paul, mn to meet my sister and do our yearly cousin swap. This year I get Matthew and she get Alayna, but she is taking Lukas too... he is soo excited!! We plan to pack in alot this weekend the zoo, Mall of America and the lake. Then we head home til we leave the next Friday for Grayling, MI where we switch back and spend the week relaxing at the cabin and lake with my parents, my aunt and cousin and her kids! then we are home for a week or so before school starts. Can't believe summer is almost over :(