Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I just spent the most amazing week with my family. We went to my aunts cabin in MI to just relax and that is what we did. No deadlines, meetings or kids activities. We tend to live a pretty fast paced life that it was nice to have a relaxing vacation. We did some boating, tubing, swimming and fishing! We chatted, ate and played games. I was really looking to this vacation and it totally lived up to my expectations. We got to spend some great time with my family and the cousins got to play with each other all week... with really no big fights or problems. Noah bite his lip a few times and one time almost all the way through, but he is fine. I look forward to many more vacations just like this one.

I cannot believe that school starts in just a couple days though. This summer has really gone by quick! It seems like they just got out yesterday, there was so much I wanted to do with them this summer, but it seems like camps took over! They had a fun so I guess that is what matters! No to readjust our schedule back to the school year. We are trimming back a little this year. And whenever things get a little crazy I think I will just sit back and count my blessings!

This is the crew enjoying the lake

Cooking by the campfire