Sunday, October 24, 2010

this crazy life

Things have been crazy busy. I really need to keep up with writing and posting. I am planning to get better. I have gotten to spend some great one on one time with the kids lately. Last weekend Mason and I went camping with Cub Scouts. We had so much fun. We put a tent up by ourselves and even helped cook. It was great seeing his creative side making up skits by the campfire. This weekend I got to help Alayna with a PAgeant. She lovesgetting dressed up like a princess. She sang a song acapella. She did great. I know at 7 I never would have stood up on stage and done that... so proud of her. She was so excited that Daddy made it. HE was an hour away at a swim meet with Caleb. Then just Alayna,daddy and mommy went out to eat. Then today I got to take Caleb back to the meet and then we spent some time at a bookstore,then we went out to eat. HE did great at his meet. I did miss Masona and Alayna's soccer games,but they did great... Mason tied( so still undefeated), coming back from 3-0 score at the half. Alayna won there second game of the season. Such a great family weekend... I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom:)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy week

This has been a busy yet fun week. I usually have my mornings, but with storytime and the kids book fair... not so much. Plus Rob's van would not start this morning, hoping just the battery!!! We are getting ready for 2 campouts. Caleb in going on his first Boy Scout campout this weekend. They have been working hard to build a trebuchet to chuck pumpkins. We are going to go watch just that part Sat. afternoon. Mason and I are going on a Cub Scout campout the following weekend. He is excited as well... me too. Rob has a cooking contest that weekend and Caleb is earning a merit badge for Scouts. Then we are planning for Alayna's pagent the next weekend and Caleb's first swim meet. This is all on top of the weekend soccer games and trying to make our popcorn selling goals. We love to keep busy and have fun, but sometimes I wonder how we do it?!?! Soccer is half way done, almost in time for basketball to start :)