Friday, February 26, 2010

great place to get curriculm and books

Found a great place to get curriculum and books. I found a site that is connected to ebay ( and I purchased tons of books and curriculum today for next year. I was on most of the morning. The kids are still a little sick so we did a light day of school. The prices are great and shipping was not bad. I paid twice as much for shipping than I did for the actual items. Spending $125 I got 30 books total. Came to about $4 per book. Five of them actual Bob Jones books I need for next year. That alone would have been almost that much in the store. But I also got most of the Curriculum I will need for the Coop classes I am teaching next year. It is from My Father's World. Plus a bunch of Library books to go with the topics it covers for extra interest. And I got a few Books to help the kids with their Science Fair Projects in April. I will be checking this site out again. They have not come in yet and as they do I will be letting you know if it was worth it. So this was a great day!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ok Right now with the homeschooling I am struggling with the priorities. I really want learning to be fun for the kids, but I know that there are things that must be covered... How to fit it all in and not overwhelm them and me. This month we did some fun things with Presidents and trying with the Olympics, but the time is not there. With kids in 3 different grades: 6th, 3rd, and 1st it is hard to combine too much. My first grader is just learning to read and the other two are very good readers. I have a hard time finding things to challenge my 6th grader. WE have joined a COOP this semester and it has helped to take off some stress. But sometimes they do not assign homework and that frustrates work for science and history for a week. I think they are missing way too much then. So that is where I added the presidents. I still have so much of the "school" mentality. Not sure if I want to let it go. What if I mess them up and ruin some good chances for them????

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The beginning

I want to write about my path of homeschooling as it takes place. I have been homeschooling since last spring, when we moved to Arkansas. Ever since our first born started school we have tried many schools, both public and private. Some we loved some and others I am glad to never set foot in again. WE definitely knew public school was not for us. I do not enjoy the politics in school and like the common Christian bond I shared with my kids teachers in private schools. We like the family feel of a nice small school setting. When we moved to Arkansas those options were not here, so we chose to try homeschooling. I wanted to write about my journey as I go. God's journey for our lives has showed us the priorities we hold dear....our faith, our family and our academic standards. So thus the blog..... Feel free to share encouragement, suggestions, and your journeys no matter what they are.