Friday, June 17, 2011

Garage Sales... Are they Worth it?

Garage sales... are they worth it? Some times I tend to ponder this question. Do you make very much for all the time you put in... not really! I get rid of lots more stuff and so do the kids. We always chose a large item for the family to get with our earned money. One time we got a Wii and another everyone got new bikes. This time we are going for a pool or trampoline, getting to the point where we may have to take a vote! Maybe would could get both :) Iknow that if I was just getting rid of the stuff I would not get rid of as much stuff, but making a little money always makes it worth it a little more. After we do give most of it away but there are a few items we price higher and if it sells great, but if not we may take it back into the house. We have gone through every room of the house and we have helped the kids go through their rooms. They are more willing to part with things if they know they will get a little something out of it. Neither Rob or I are keepers, that is the good thing about moving we are able to constantly purge through our stuff. In our zealous I am just hoping we are not making hoarder out of our children. Alayna is our closest one to that end of the spectrum, while Mason and Caleb see the value of getting rid of all the little stuff in return for the bigger things. I thing Alayna's is a girl thing... But Torrance made that for me ( a sheet of paper with their names on it!) So do you garage sale? How do you price items??? We tend to price on how badly we want to get rid of them! I like to make some $$ off of my kids clothes fetish. Let me know your thoughts!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kids and Camp

WOW!! This is the summer for camp, it is exciting that there are so many fun things for the kids to do here. Caleb is going at Boy Scout camp this week and will go to Church camp the end of July. Alayna is going to a 2 night Church camp this month and is so excited to finally get to sleepover! She is also going to a Girl Scout day camp and Music day camp at Church. Mason is really getting to do some fun things this summer... Church camp over night for a week, Cub Scout day camp, Camp Invention day camp, which is a science learning camp and Artventures day camp with comedy and drama, which he loves! IT seems like every week someone is gone, which is nice for them. How do you feel about camp? Are your kids going this year? We are blessed that all scout camps were free due to great popcorn and cookie sales and the Church pays half of those camps! WE are throwing in spuratic day trips as well! Tomorrow since Rob has to go to Owensboro, KY for a meeting we are going down with him and hitting a couple museums! It is a great way to spice up the summer for the kids. Being involved in Scouts and Youth group at Church we have a few events scheduled with those activities, check out the pics! I get my little time away every Thursday at my Beth Moore Bible Study! We get to end our summer in Michigan at my aunts lake house in Grayling and might make it to Mackinaw as well. This is turning out to be a great summer... WHAT are your summer plans?

Alayna and the Girl Scouts at their lemonade stand

Mason Bike Riding with the Cub Scouts

Mason enjoying DAWGS for the first time (the 5/6 grade Youth Group)