Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Family of 11

For the next 3 weeks we will be a family of 11. It has been 4 days so far and things are going great. We are taking care of 4 great kids while their father is in Europe working. Their ages range from 21 months to 12. They really get along great with our kids. I created a fun point system to earn rewards to help keep the house in order. They seem to like it. They can earn things like Ice cream Sunday night, A visit to the pool, movie night and dinner out at the China buffet! Today was the first day of cleaning and it went awesome. They got points for getting their area clean and a point for working well with one of the younger children working with them. I am really looking forward to next weekend when The girls and I get a girls day out and are going to the mall :) We are doing lunch out and maybe some pampering, nails and hair and then hitting the mall! I am very thankful for my husband who is very helpful. I will miss him when he goes out of town next week for 2 days! I know I always wanted a very large family. Just praying that the next 3 weeks go just as well as this week has gone :)

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