Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moved again!

Yes we have moved again. Since you read in my last blog that Rob lost his job in Indiana and quickly found another one, we knew it was only temporary. We move here to North Dakota in February and LOVE IT! The first couple months were rough living in a one bedroom apartment with 5 kids. But we were blessed to have a roof over our heads! Many people are living in their cars and RVs here. there is an oil boom and housing is expensive and hard to come by. The one bedroom was just down the road from the kids school so they got to walk everyday, which we all liked. We have sinced moved into a 3 bedroom plus Condo and love it! Alayna hase her own room and the little boys have a toy room and an office that they use for their room. their is an upstairs living room and downstairs family room (with a fireplace for those cold North Dakota winters) The kids love having their own space, but even tonight they are all in their big brothers room watching a movie together! y The town has a great rec center that we love. We have taken to the sport of raquetball and enjoy swimming in the indoor waterpark. Caleb enjoys the rock wall and both boys like shooting hoops with their dad. We live close enough now that the big boys can walk their by themselves. The little boys like the indoor playground too. Since moving here we have gone to see Medora which is only 30 min away and beautiful! the bison are so close you can almost touch them. We have tried to make camping plans, but everytime we try it rains or like this weekend it not only rained but is 40 degrees! We will go a few time this summer though! We have met a couple great families here already and they have girls... Alayna has had quite a few sleepovers already! They are great Christian families and we love it. We also love the little Christian school the kids are going to. They are starting a high school next year, so Caleb gets to continue there which he loves. They all have made frinds pretty quickly which is nice. We love it here. Because of the oil boom it really feels like the land of opportunity. There are jobs galore here. I started watching kids at home again, because the need is so great. Caleb is getting a job this summer to save for a car, because at 14 they can get a liscence in ND! We are really enjoying ourselves here and plan to stay for a long while... at least for us anyway... lol

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