Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of Summer... Time for School

Well we ended summer the usual way relaxing at the cabin. It was along drive but always worth it. WE got to drive home through the UP and the drive was beautiful. The kids got to wade in 3 of the great lakes... Michigan, Huron and Superior. Now we are back to the grindstone with school starting this week. All 5 get to go this year. Caleb loves his first year of HS and was the first one to get homework. Mason is enjoying 6th grade, though he is pretty closed mouth as usual. Alayna has made friends with her desk buddies in the 3rd grade, Lukas loves preK says is teacher is nice and he plays with a brown boy. Love the innocence of this age. and Noah was so proud to go this morning! HE goes 2 days a week to Preschool! The house is very quiet but the day care kids keep me busy!

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