Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little Lukas turned 5 yesterday... WOW time sure does fly. I was a nice day full of football games and the rodeo. Lukas came second in Muttin bustin again(sheep riding) he might have come in first but his sheep ran right into the heard and he kinda slid off. He said I was not letting go! Noah tried for the first time and did not even get the hang of holding on... lol After the rodeo we came home and had Cake and gifts. It took no time for Lukas to blow out the candles on his spiderman cake. I love watching the older kids buy gifts for their younger siblings. Alayna used her own $$ to get him candy and cookies. Mason got him some beyblades. Caleb gave him some action figures and even put a dollar in his card. And Caleb does not give up Money easily. It just amazes me how quickly time goes by. They grow so fast and even though there are times I look forward to them getting to certain milestones I really want to cherish the stages we are in :)

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